Remove Damaged Teeth

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that removes damaged or infected teeth with the help of dentist tools.

It is not uncommon to damage a tooth or two over the course of one’s lifetime. This unfortunate event can happen through an accident, various oral health issues, or just natural wear and tear.

Prevent Tooth Infections

Removing a damaged tooth protects the rest of your teeth and mouth. If the tooth is damaged, infected, or has a large cavity, there is the potential for that infection to spread. The infection can affect other teeth, causing a lot of discomfort or pain.

Some procedures to preserve the tooth include a filling or a root canal. If the damage is too extensive, removing the tooth may be the best way to save your smile.

What to Expect After Extraction

You will be provided with detailed verbal and printed after care instructions before you go home.
This may include:

1) Bleeding: You will be provided with gauze in your after care package. Place the gauze over the wound and bite down firmly for 10 minute intervals.

Replace the gauze as needed until the bleeding stops. An extended period of minor bleeding can be expected after a tooth extraction.

2) Swelling : Swelling that lasts for several days after the extraction is normal. Apply ice to the area in 20 minute intervals for the first 24 hours.

3) Mouth Rinse: Rinse mouth with warm salt water (2 tsps of table salt in a glass of warm water). Rinse a minimum of 6 times per day and especially after eating.

4) Smoking: Avoid smoking for 5 days after the extraction. The longer you can not smoke the less chance of post op problems. There are many stop smoking products that can be purchased over the counter (eg patch) to help the patient with refraining from smoking.

5) Eating afterwards: Stay away from spicy, pebble sized foods, hard foods or foods that require extra chewing (eg steak)

DO NOT DRINK through a straw or any device that causes a negative pressure to prevent dry socket and other post op complications

Your Smile is Our Pride