Root Canals

Root Canals

Root canals are commonly believed to be one of the most notorious dental procedures! 

With a reputation of pain and discomfort, it’s not hard to see why a lot of patients shy away from even the thought of a root canal.

However, it can be easier than what people might think!


Teeth that have good function, and have adequate gum and bone support, should be saved if possible. It is always better to save a tooth if it has good structural integrity, or can be restored with integrity, rather than to remove it. 

Should the pulp (or inside) of such a tooth become infected or irreversibly inflamed, Root Canal Treatment is the best option. 

Painless Procedure

The words “Root Canal” can cause some people to panic, however, the actual procedure is often pain free. Usually, the pain from the gum or jaw swelling by the infected tooth prior to Root Canal Treatment is what people associate with the term. Root Canal Treatment is often the cure. 

As in any case where you might be experiencing tooth pain, call us at Siksika Dental Clinic to have one of our experienced general dentists take a look, and resolve your pain.

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